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The Hive / Kako je nastao pcelinjak


Before the hives, bees were divided and deceived by the greedy bears. See how they become the symbol for unity and hard-work, and who became the first bee-queen.
The Hive 3D animated feature
Lament storyboard image


Mother is searching for her sons  on the battlefield only to realize that she is not among the living and that her boys are leaders of the conflicting armies. The only way to reach their hearts is through song.

The Phantom of the Opera Animated

Mysterious events, opera, forgotten basements... what an intriguing story to tell !  An animated adaptation of Gaston Leroux's epic tale "The Phantom of the Opera".
Shot from teaser for the Phantom of the Opera
Promo image for the film Alternative Me

Alternative Me

In the peak of his envy, cynical and unsuccessful comic author is pulled into dark dimension occupied with alternative versions of him, where he must find a way to work with others and himself to find an exit.

Animated StoryBook

Collection of famous domestic short fables, riddles and folk tales adapted from elementary school book with the twist.
Promo image for the animated series Baker and Cockroach

Baker   Cockroach

Although imagined like "classic cartoon chase", this animated series represent conflict between ambition and need, as well as difficulties of one's decision to follow his dream.
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