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The Hive animated feature

The Concept Art

The Hive is a 3D animated feature that takes us to a fictional time when bees were not grouped within the beehive and fell for deception of greedy bears to whom they must give a "honey tribute". The film shows the birth of civilization and reminds us that we are social beings who, united, are capable of much greater achievement that independent individuals.

The Characters

The Hive - Jana
The Hive - bees
The Hive - bears
The Hive - flies

The Hive / Kako je nastao pcelinjak

In Production

Before the first hive when bees were divided and deceived by bears, a young bee Jana helps another to collect honey tribute and forms a group that works faster, but when the group is betrayed and discovered, Jana must unite the bees and save them from destruction.

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