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Morning Joy

A depressed pianist is sitting at his instrument, trying to summon the energy and will to play and compose. Recently widowed, he can barely bring himself to do much of anything, much less play music. But when a cheerful bird lands in his window, the pianist finds himself engaged in an unexpected duet - one that both returns his zest for music and consoles him in his grief.

Cover photo for the animated short film Second Chance

Second Chance

Thirty years dedicated to killing other people for living, an empty life lived in darkness. Edmund a retired hitman, battles the demons of his past only finding comfort in the Lord's scriptures, cigarettes and a fine bottle of scotch. His biggest struggle isn't dealing with his past actions, but present and future, his place in society and his connection with a little girl who lives down the road.

Wort Irkington's Hate Books

Wort was forced to grow up very quickly.  His mother suffered from undiagnosed depression and somehow her anxieties and bitterness spread like a contagion onto Wort.  He found it helpful to write down on paper the things that he hated so much.  Not to let them go, but to collect them like a hobby, or even a companion.

Shot from the animated short film Wort Irkington's Hate Books

Ancients   Immortals

Chike, is the most powerful and feared Archangel in existence, after eight hundred years of wiping demons from the earth and guarding the Netherworld portal, is finally released from service. During his journey to his final resting place, Chike discovers that Hondo, the very first archangel, is planning to subjugate mankind and send the world into chaos. 
Shot from the animated trailer for Ancients and Immortals
Shot from the animated music video Introducing Neals

Introducing Neals

Animated Music Album with a 1980s-inspired, alternate semi-reality retrofuture, serving as a dual-medium commentary on government surveillance and net neutrality with familiar tropes and familiar 1980s corniness.
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