Welcome to San Secuestro


A group called the Syndicate has lobbied to consolidate and control all of the major telecom companies while their executives are appointed to key leadership positions in the government, giving the Syndicate de facto control of a slew of data monitoring channels which is being used to discredit, embarrass, and extort everyone that they don't successfully convince into furthering their agenda.

The main character, a hacker named Neals, develops an application that turns a wide variety of consumer devices (tablets, phones, wireless routers) into peer-to-peer encrypted nodes that broadcast and receive data as kind of an Off The Grid "Alternet" - basically bypassing cell towers and regular Internet - turning everyone's devices into transmitting and receiving pieces of this gigantic p2p tor cloud on steroids, which negates all of the Syndicate's efforts to control and monitor the "main" internet.

Introducing Neals


As a result of creating this application, Neals is pursued by the Syndicate. a lucrative offer is made for his capture and an example is made of him. He is jailed on a treasonous pretense. Even though Neals is in jail, his open source application (now under the control of other developers) lives on and remains in use, proving the moral of the story that you can't suppress (arrest) an idea and the Alternet lives on and people are using the application and the world turns.