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The Concept Art

The story of Lament is a communal drama set in a fictional era of WW1. It follows a tale of a mother's ghost facing the horrors of war that her own children brought over their own homeland. The main inspiration for the film is music and its importance in the sense of identity and culture. The twin brothers and their armies are presented as beastly monsters with a disharmony of static noise and male choir. In contrast, the harmonious, orchestral music with choir and female soloist represents the mother and the fallen civilians.

The Characters

Storyboard Example


The story of a mother who tries through the song to reach the hearts of her estranged twin sons whose disagreement from youth brings pain and destruction of their home village and their hatred deformed them into beasts. Director Miloš Djurdjević, placed the music as a character and key element of this 2D traditionally animated short film.

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